About us

Silver-DOT Technology & Services, Ltd.

Silver-DOT Technology & Services, Ltd. is a private R&D, consulting and technology design & development firm aiming to unlock the potential of the Circular Economy as a driver for Smart, Sustainable Growth in the SEE region.

Silver-DOT was founded in Cyprus, in November 2017 as a for-profit organization and its founding team consists of top-notch professionals with long successful careers in executive positions in the ICT industry, Health Sciences, Marine & Maritime sectors.


The activities of Silver-DOT are organized into three pillars:

  • R&D in advanced & emerging ICT Technologies;
  • Human-centric Design of  eco-friendly products & services;
  • Strategy & Business Models for Smart, Sustainable Growth in a Knowledge-driven Economy  

Research & Development

Silver-DOT conducts R&D in emerging ICT Technologies in collaboration with a global network of research partners affiliated with academic institutions, research centres and corporate R&D Labs.

Research interests lie in the broader area of emerging technologies in support of the 4th Industrial Revolution: IIoT, Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain.

Technical Staff

The Silver-DOT technical staff is led by Dr. Gregory Yovanof, an expert in the design of digital platforms for smart ecosystems & the strategic management of technological innovation.

An active member of the SEE regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, he offers strategy consultancy services to several start-up companies and clusters of innovations in the ICT, Biotech and Maritime sectors. He is a member of the BoD of  the Strategis – Maritime ICT Cluster in Piraeus, Greece, and serves on the Advisory Boards of: PROTeus MED Cluster network on Maritime Surveillance, PELAGOS [transnational Mediterranean Cluster in Blue Energy], and Blue RoSES [EC EMFF-BlueEconomy-2018 project: Blue Robotics for Sustainable Eco-friendly Services for Innovative marinas and leisure boats”], and as Associate Partner of the Erasmus Mundus MIR – EMJMP Program in  Marine and Maritime Intelligent Robotics.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gregoryyovanof